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NSPS offers Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) as a instructor led course in a classroom or via Zoom. Upon completion of this course the student will have been presented with the materials/instruction necessary to be proficient with all the MOS programs.  This course includes a voucher for the MOS exam. 

Course Length- 60 Hours / 3 Weeks

The course will cover the following: 

Word includes: Managing lists, customizing tables and charts, customizing formatting with styles and themes, modifying pictures in a document, creating customized graphic elements, control text flow in Word documents, using templates to automate document creation and perform mail merges.

Excel includes: Creating and editing basic worksheets and workbooks. Performing calculations, modifying a worksheet, formatting a worksheet, printing workbook contents and managing large workbooks, analyzing data using the data analysis tools, making investment decisions using the financial functions, examining data using math functions, manipulating data using text and information functions, creating templates and working with the advanced chart options and manage data.

Access includes: Examining basic database concepts and exploring the environment, designing a simple database, building a new database with related tables, managing data in a table, querying a database using different methods, designing forms and generating reports.

PowerPoint includes: Getting started with PowerPoint, creating a presentation, formatting text on slides, add graphical objects to a presentation, modify objects on slides, adding tables to a presentation, adding charts to a presentation and preparing to deliver a presentation.

Outlook includes: Identifying the components of the Outlook environment, sending and receiving messages, composing messages, using folders to organize messages, managing contacts and contact information, scheduling appointments, scheduling meetings, managing tasks and notes.

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