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COVID-19 Response

As the impact of COVID-19 grows, we think it is important that you hear directly from us about the safety measures and operational changes we have enacted to keep you and our team safe. Our focus remains on the health and safety of our team and students while doing our part to restrict the spread of disease. We know it is critical for us to be transparent with information, and to be as proactive and responsive as we can be.

Our school policy includes the measures we are actively taking to mitigate the spread of coronavirus also known as COVID-19. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe environment. It’s important that we all respond responsibly and transparently to these health precautions. This coronavirus (COVID-19) school policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines. 

To ensure we are compliant with all government and health officials recommendations we are doing our part with the following measures:

The new directive requires Nevadans and visitors to wear face coverings when they are out in public, with limited exceptions. Face mask are mandatory to enter the facility.

Installed plexiglass dividers between student computers

Placed social distancing reminders around the school on walls and floors

All classes are instructor led and available via online or a classroom with limited seating

Our team has been instructed to wash their hands frequently

Utilize hand sanitizer

Made sign-in sheets available online

Cleaning counters and public surfaces hourly

Clean student dividers after each class

We ask that you follow the guidelines requested below to do your part

Stay home if you have been exposed to someone sick or if you are not feeling well

Maintain 6ft social distancing guidelines

Wear facial mask when it does not interfere with your health

Wash your hands after using the toilet, and/or if you cough/sneeze into your hands (follow the 20-second hand-washing rule).

Use hand sanitizers

Cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into your elbow. If you use a tissue, discard it properly and clean/sanitize your hands immediately.

Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected.

If you find yourself coughing/sneezing on a regular basis, avoid close physical contact and take extra precautionary measures .

You can request to attend classes via Zoom

If you are uncomfortable attending in person

If you have recently returned from areas with a high number of COVID-19 cases (based on CDC announcements), we’ll ask you to attend class via Zoom for 14 calendar days, and return to class only if you are fully asymptomatic.

If you’ve been in close contact with someone infected by COVID-19, with high chances of being infected yourself.

If you’re a parent and you have to stay at home with your children.

If you need to provide care to a family member infected by COVID-19

This situation continues to change daily and as such, we will continue to follow the guidance provided by the Elected Officials, Post-Secondary, CDC ,and the local health department. In addition, we promise to do all that we can to keep our team, students and the community safe – all while delivering you the best educational experience we can.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this challenging time. We thank you in advance. Stay safe Nevada! We are in this together!


Maria Novello

Maria Novello, School Director

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