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Medical Administrative Programs

While the obvious positions at a healthcare facility are those of a doctor or nurse, there are a number of non-clinical and administrative jobs available to those who want to work in the healthcare settings, at NSPS we offer training in several medical administrative careers that will get you on your way to a dynamic and fulfilling position within the healthcare industry.

IT Programs

IT professionals support and assess the needs of company network infrastructures. NSPS introduces you to topics that will get you ready to assess security needs of computer and network systems, maintain servers, data storage devices, network devices like routers, switches, hubs and cabling, and provide desktop support ensuring data is available to users and secure from unauthorized access. If you are technologically inclined a career as an IT professional may be the right path for you, find out more now.

Customized Training Programs

Short-term expense associated with a training program will produce long-term gains by increasing productivity and retention of qualified employees. Not only will investing in staff training pay for itself in the long run but it will also save you money by reducing turnover, adding flexibility and efficiency to your staff, and enabling your business to run better.

The Universal Reading Method

Having difficulty with reading English at grade level? Is reading an activity you hate? Having difficulty with pronouncing, speaking, and reading English words? To improve all challenged reader's reading levels by two grade levels challenged reader's will be able to pronounce and read correctly all of the English words in their vocabulary. multi-syllable words become easy and fun to read and pronounce. Prerequisites: Ten years old to adult and know the letters of the alphabet; Normal Developmental Aptitude; Not taking Behavior Modification Drugs; have a desire to learn how to read.

Microsoft Classes in Spañish

 Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook provides training of Basic computer skills For individuals that desire to learn computer basics from the beginning level. Obtaining a Certification in Microsoft programs will help you to qualify to obtain betteropportunities of employment in a occupational market ultimately Competitive. At the end of the course

the participants will receive Certification in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

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